What Is Git Bash And How To Use It?

Canovel.org – Every Windows PC comes with a Command Prompt (cmd), a command-line textual interface to your operating system. Using the Command Prompt, you can install programs, create new users, and run scripts.

The closest equivalent to a command Prompt for Unix-like machines is Bash. Bash is often considered superior due to its powerful features. These include arithmetic, array variables, loops, and branches.

Git Bash gives Windows users access to Bash and its advanced features.

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What Is Git?

Git is a version control system. It keeps track of the changes you make to a collection of files using commit. Commit allows you to capture the status of the project at any given point in time. And Git allows you to go back to a previous commit whenever you want.

You can install and run Git locally or use one of its online hosts (like GitHub or Bitbucket). But Git is essentially a Unix-style command-line utility program. It even comes installed on some macOS and Linux systems.

Git is probably the most popular version control system in the world today. This is due to its collaborative features. Branching allows you to create independent local versions of the codebase that you can later combine with others. This is one of the main reasons why programmers use Git to share their contributions to source code development.

Git is also open source, free to use, and easy to learn.

Is that a bus?

The abbreviation Bash stands for Bourne again Shell. The name is a game in the Bourne shell replaced. Bash has all the core features of The Bourne shell such as grammar and variable expansion. What makes it “Reborn” are some additional features, including:

  • Multi-character summoning options
  • Command line editing
  • Timestamped command line history
  • One-dimensional built-in array variables
  • For loop expression
  • Job control
  • Alias

What Is Git Bash?

Although Git is a collection of command-line utility programs, you can use it on Windows through GUI-based applications. Bash is only available on Unix-like operating systems, such as macOS and Linux.

Git Bash is only for Microsoft Windows users. It provides emulation of Git and Bash command-line environments. Install Git Bash on . Your Windows machine gives you access to a shell environment that is native to macOS and Linux users.

Popular Git Bash Commands

Before you start using Git Bash, you should note that the Bash commands you can use in this command line interface are case sensitive. This is in contrast to the Windows command Prompt, many sections of which are not case sensitive.

cd command

The abbreviation CD stands for”change directory”. This allows Git Bash users to navigate from one directory to another. All you need to provide is the path to the destination directory:

If you don’t provide a directory path after the CD command, it will take you to your home directory. You can also easily navigate one level, to the parent directory from where you are currently:

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