Service Business Software 2021 – The end of the year will soon turn into the beginning of the year. A new year that will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to evaluate a company’s performance in the past year with all its highs and lows, and plan for the year ahead with those lessons. Business trends are always changing, entrepreneurs need to be aware of all factors other than internal operations such as changes in technology, marketing, finance or public policy.

The act of predicting future business activity is usually a projection based on specific assumptions, such as targeted prospects or a defined sales strategy. Machine Learning has the potential to affect almost every single variable in running a business. Regardless of the size of your company, current trends show how applying machine learning concepts is affecting your company.

PT. Astragraphia Information Technology (AGIT) took the initiative to present MySights, a Digital Solution & Services product in the form of on-demand analytic services in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service) with data enrichment, big data technology, and machine learning that analyzes trends and patterns of company data , and provide product offer predictions and recommendations based on that data.

Using the technology above, your company can:

Predicting Customer Behavior

Machine learning is being used by companies around the world to predict customer behavior in order to increase the customer base or offer better services. By looking at purchasing patterns and browsing through purchase history, retail companies can offer products or services tailored to individual customers and improve demand forecasts.

Product Recommendation

In e-commerce, machine learning algorithms can be used to motivate product purchases. Machine learning can be used to identify hidden patterns and group similar things together. These products can then be suggested to the customer.

Improving Marketing Strategy

​​​​Machine learning can generate large amounts of data in real-time. The data received from customer behavior analysis can be used to make appropriate changes to the company’s marketing and sales strategy involving upselling as well as cross-selling.

Help Data Entry

Predictive modeling and machine learning algorithms can help simplify the company’s documentation process to remove the risks associated with manual data entry. This formula can be used to automate the data entry process and ultimately let skilled resources focus on critical and creative tasks.

Financial Analysis

Machine learning can help not only search for but also predict fraud in large volumes of transactions by applying cognitive computing technology to raw data. In the monetary portfolio, machine learning can also assist in risk management, investment prediction, improve customer service and deploy digital assistants, loan management and other security measures.

Medical Prediction and Treatment

If machine learning is properly implemented in the pharmaceutical and drug sectors, it can lead to better disease diagnosis, personalized care, increased research and clinical trial efficiency, smart health records, outbreak prediction and better control measures.

Detect Network Crashes

Machine learning can be used to predict patterns in network disturbances and eliminate them. The intrusion detection system filters network traffic while looking for any malicious activity in the form of attacks or unauthorized access. This traffic analysis can reveal patterns to be better prepared in the future to catch these disturbances. Because based on analysis, this detection becomes more accurate and faster.

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