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Luckiest Girl Alive Spoiler

TifAni” Ani ” FaNelli has carefully created a new persona to participate in a documentary about her high school. As Ani prepares for a documentary and relives the trauma of her freshman year of high school, she begins to realize some parts of her life aren’t the best for her even though they seem perfect on the surface.

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The Novel tells the story of a woman’s survival from two traumatic events and her struggle to accept herself after the trauma. Themes in the novel include the belief that protection can be found in success, the connection between food and emotion, and the devastating nature of invisible emotional wounds.

Ani, the novel’s heroine and narrator, tells of her personal experiences at the Bradley School in the fall of her junior year, the events leading up to her marriage to Luke Harrison, and her participation in a documentary about the school.

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These interrelated stories are told in the past tense. One chapter details the high school experience, while the next chapter tells about some parts of Ani’s adult life. There are several scattered places in the novel where the tense switches from past to present tense for Ani to give the reader an insight into certain aspects of her life from her perspective after the events described in the novel are completed.


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