New Social Media Platforms 2021 – New Social Media Platforms 2021. Anyone can talk on social media. For this reason, the content that is popular there is very dynamic. In order not to lose hits, you must know the prediction of social media trends in 2021.

With this information, you can certainly develop a good social media marketing strategy, no longer need to be afraid of losing to competitors.

So, what are the predictions of the trend? Compiled from Oberlo, Sprout Social, and other sources below, here’s the information for you.

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New Social Media Platforms

1. Story Features

Social media Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and even LinkedIn have this one feature. Popular in 2020, he is also predicted to continue to rise until next year.

It’s not just a trend, you know. In Instagram, you can put Poll, Quiz, and other interactive content. This can certainly increase the engagement of your Story.

2. Social commerce

Recently, Instagram launched the Shop feature in Indonesia. It is a form of social commerce that is predicted to become a social media trend in 2021.

Launching Hootsuite, social commerce is a process of selling products. This process is carried out directly on social media.

Well, it turns out, there are many people who shop because they are inspired by social media content. This is what drives the creation of social commerce features and popularity.

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3. More dynamic ads

Remember, social media offers unique advertising. There are carousel-shaped ads, to promotional offers in the Story feature.

Well, this ad is predicted to continue to be a trend in 2021. With the help of data, these ads are also predicted to be more personal and dynamic.

Well, because it is paid, of course there is a risk of marketing using this strategy. To reduce this risk, you can equip yourself with the basic knowledge first.

So, where can you get knowledge about social media advertising? Glints ExpertClass is the answer.

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4. Video content

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has driven the popularity of video content on social media. Streaming platforms like YouTube are becoming increasingly popular.

Not to mention, Instagram recently released a landscape video feature on IGTV. This Facebook-owned social media has also begun to include long-duration advertisements on IGTV.

When it comes to video content, of course we can’t ignore TikTok. The explanation about the rise of social media on this one is in point number 5.

5. The rise of social media TikTok

In 2019, the growth of TikTok users reached 210%. This number will continue to rise in 2020.

Therefore, social media from China is predicted to become a trend in 2021. With so many users, marketers can lose if they ignore this platform.

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6. Use of memes

Meme content is certainly not new to social media. In fact, said Sprout Social, memes are the “mate” of this one medium.

Memes are images that contain certain emotions or messages. It can be a joke or a place to convey a certain message.

Usually, the message is only understood by a group of people. For this reason, memes can be a pathway to high social media engagement.

Even though it has been used for years, it is predicted to continue to rise in 2021.


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