Top 5 Best Web Hosting in Indonesia – I have shared about the best free domain and hosting provider sites. This time I tried to compile a list of the Top 5 Best Web Hosting in Indonesia. A good reference for those of you who will create a website.

Based on personal experience, there are three best domain and web hosting providers in Indonesia, namely Niagahoster, Qwords and Rumah Web.

The reason?

The three domain and web hosting providers have been subscribing for all this time. Are the only three providers the best web hosting in Indonesia?

Certainly not. Below I share other people’s posts about the best web hosting in Indonesia. I got it by typing the keyword “Best Web Hosting in Indonesia” in Google.

Accessed Friday (21/4/2017), I found the top posts on the first page of search results (SERP) mostly “suspicious”.

I mean, I’m “doubtful” because “suspect” some of the web pages that appear containing posts about the best webhosting in Indonesia are promotional pages for domain providers – the latest webhosting in Indonesia.

They create a special website for promotion (internet marketing) by targeting the keywords “best web hosting in Indonesia”, then enter a list of their own web host service businesses.

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It’s legal, it’s okay.

What makes me doubtful is that the names of “senior” providers such as Qwords, Rumah Web, and Masterweb are not included in the list of the best webhosting.

I was only convinced about the top 10 best webhosting data in Indonesia after finding the page.

Ranking or ranking of the best web hosting below seems “objective”.

You see, the list of the Top 10 Best Web Hosting in Indonesia is compiled based on an assessment of market share and the number of users or customers.

After all, the two hosting providers that I subscribe to are in the top two and the top four.

Top 5 Best Web Hosting in Indonesia

The following list of the best web hosting in Indonesia is quoted from news. News content related to the importance of businesses or businesses creating websites to promote their products on the internet.

To create a business website such as an online store, hosting is needed, in addition to a domain. Well, the domain and hosting can be ordered at a domain hosting provider. The following is a list of the best web hosting versions by Rendra Yuanga, the executive account manager of Value Media Solusindo.

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Since its establishment in 2004, this world-class web hosting company continues to grow. Some developments from hostinger that we may have known are niagahoster and 000webhost.

Hostinger services currently focus on end users. Namely users who want to build websites such as blogs, company company profiles, online stores, and so on.

You can see various services about hostingers ranging from shared hosting, virtual private servers or VPS to Dedicated Servers by looking at hostinger reviews for more information.


Idcloudhost is a newcomer to the world of web hosting, having an office in Jakarta idclodhost was established around the beginning of 2015.

Not only in Indonesia, Idcloudhost also has customers from abroad, with a total of more than 40,000 customers. Of course this is a great achievement for a new cloud hosting company.

Several large companies and government agencies have become customers on Idcloudhost.

Compared to its competitors, Idcloudhost claims that their web server speed is the fastest and uptime is more stable.

That’s because Idcloudhost is a hosting company that already uses the latest cloud technology, instead of using classic cloud technology. Even on the official website Idcloudhost promotes that their service already uses the fastest processor, the E5 Processor and also SDD in storage space.

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ID web host

Idwebhost is an Indonesian web hosting that has been widely used by bloggers. The packages provided are varied and of course low budget. Not only that, the facilities are quite complete.

The hosting package provided by is also provided with SSL facilities for free. Not only that, you will also be given a free domain if you order one year directly.

You will also get a 30 day money back guarantee if there is dissatisfaction from the hosting itself. At, various other services are also available, such as blog/website creation services, online promotion services, online shop creation services, and dedicated servers.


The next best hosting in Indonesia is Jetorbit. Jetorbit itself is a hosting company that is able to maintain a very good price and quality. The best average uptime from jetorbit itself is approximately 99.94 percent.

In addition, the web hosting here is also supported with a fast speed, namely with an average speed of 0.783 seconds. But unfortunately, Jetorbit itself has very strict warranty rules which in fact at Jetorbit itself there is no warranty at all.

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It must be admitted that niagahoster is one of the best hosting companies in Indonesia with more than 52,000 users, and is under the auspices of international hosting which has handled more than 500 servers worldwide.

Started operating in 2014 until now, Niagahoster still consistently provides the best service at a relatively cheaper price.

The price of hosting packages at niagahoster 2020 is not too expensive, because it is also in accordance with the services and facilities obtained. There are several package options that you can try, according to your needs.

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