Spoiler My Hero Academia Chapter 366

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Spoiler My Hero Academia Chapter 366

Horikoshi has pointed out the peculiarities of Edgeshot at the beginning of the chapter. With Edgeshot’s ability that allows him to be able to flatten and stretch his body at will.

His body can stretch thin while remaining strong to be able to prevent him from losing a lot of blood from hard training for countless years. His body was so thin that he looked like a spider’s web.

By using the bubble Wash given by Edgeshot, he can cleanse Bakugo’s body.

At this point, Edgeshot decides to be able to dive into Bakugo’s body by making his own body as thin as a surgical suture.

However, stretching her body that far would only mean one thing: Best Jeanis ‘ efforts to be able to stitch Bakugo’s heart up couldn’t stop her bleeding.

Even worse, the inside of his heart was severely damaged and his lungs severely injured.

Meanwhile, Edgeshot believes he can repair Bakugo’s internal organs by helping his cardiopulmonary function.

Bakugo’s body almost feels like doing a heart massage. Edgeshot also encourages Best Jeanis and Mirko to continue fighting as Shigaraki’s wound bleeds. He also wants everything back.

Edgeshot’s own body begins a fade as he is moving Bakugo and wakes him up. In extreme circumstances, Edgeshot cannot return to its previous state.

Shigaraki who had seen the body of the Bakugo wondered why there was such a commotion when he had already exterminated the Bakugo.

Chapter 366 Release Date

Chapter 366 of the My Hero Academia manga will be released on Sunday, Sep 18, 2022. The chapter title has not been leaked yet.

Is My Hero Academia on break this week?

Yes, chapter 366 of My Hero Academia is on a break this week. We’ll keep you guys updated if any further announcement is made.

Chapter 366 Raw Scans, Leaks

The raw scans of chapter 366 have not been released yet. Two to three days before the official release of the chapter, we might get an early sneak peek.

Chapter 365 Recap

Toward the beginning of the chapter, the manga narrator highlights Edgeshot’s peculiarity. In addition, to flatten and stretch his body at will, Edgeshot also has a fold body ability. Due to countless years of diligent training, his body can stretch thin while remaining firm. A spiderweb resembles his lean body.


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