Best Social Media Platform – Social media applications or social media have become a human need today to communicate, seek information, get entertainment, and even become a source of livelihood. But did you know, the most popular social media in the world?

The We Are Social 2020 research found that the average time spent by Indonesian users aged 16-64 in accessing social media was 3 hours 26 minutes a day.

The penetration of social media users continues to increase, including Indonesia. According to the We Are Social 2020 report, now there are 59% of Indonesia’s 272.1 million total population who are social media users.
This figure has increased by more than 8.1% or equivalent to more than 12 million users from April 2019. Now Indonesia has 160 million active social media users, 99% of whom access social media via smartphones.

Social media is often used to express oneself with a work in the form of writing, photos, and videos. Well, here is a list of the most popular and most used social media in the world.

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The name YouTube is very popular in the world, maybe even almost no one in the world does not know about YouTube. This video sharing application is loved by millions of people in the world because it can share videos with each other.

This Google-owned app allows people to submit videos they create for viewing on their YouTube channel. Everyone must have an account to be able to post videos on their YouTube channel.

Even according to data quoted from Katadata, Youtube is the most frequently used platform for social media users in Indonesia aged 16 to 64 years. The percentage of Internet users who access Youtube reaches 93.8%.

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The next most used social media application is WhatsApp. Just like YouTube, this application is very popular in Indonesia and has a very large number of users, reaching 2 billion. The most popular social media application which is often abbreviated as WA is preferred because it is easy to use and free.

To use this social media chat application, you only need an internet connection without having to pay for membership or anything else. The percentage of users who access WhatsApp in Indonesia reaches 84% ​​of the population.


TikTok is a short video app that is packed with filters, music, and other features. Besides being able to enjoy videos, this latest social media application is also a place for people to create and share videos.

Currently TikTok is the most popular social media application in the world with rapid growth both based on downloads on the Google Play Store and App Store. Based on Sensor Tower’s second quarter 2020 research, TikTok has been downloaded by more than 300 million users in the first and second quarters of 2020.

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Who doesn’t know Facebook? Facebook became one of the pioneers of social media which became a place for many people to share with each other through text, videos, and photos.

Facebook has remained popular since 2004 because of its easy-to-use features to connect and communicate with each other. Facebook’s second quarter 2020 report said Facebook’s monthly active users reached more than 2.7 billion.


The next most popular social media in the world is Instagram with more than one billion active users per month. Based on the We Are Social 2020 research, Instagram is the largest visual platform today. Instagram has become a place to convey messages through creative photos and videos.

Users can take photos and/or videos, edit them with various tools and filters, then upload them at once on this most popular social media. Instagram also has an easy-to-use Instagram Story feature to capture moments in short videos.

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